Wealth Management

We provide customized investment management and financial planning services to private individuals, including high net worth private investors. At Star Asset, our approach is to take a complete view of your wealth. We would help you identify your goals and develop personalized strategies to help you achieve them. We help our clients: grow their wealth, manage their wealth, develop and protect their wealth for the future, and manage the impacts of their wealth.

Also, we can help you deal with various personal financial issues such as: cash flow management, investment planning, and retirement planning. In advising our clients, we are guided by the financial planning process to create a comprehensive financial plan; a detailed strategy tailored to a client's specific situation, for meeting a client's specific goals. The key defining aspect of what we do is that we consider all the information as they impact and are impacted by the entire financial and life situation of our clients. Our services enable our clients:

  • Gain financial freedom by avoiding excessive debt and dependence on others for economic security,
  • Understand the implications of their financial decisions, and
  • Create the greatest probability that all financial goals are accomplished by the target date.

Below are some of our wealth management products:

  • Private Wealth Management - a high interest (return), earning investment product which is very flexible and allows you to be in total control of your money. This financial product enables you to invest and grow your wealth.
  • Wealth assurance - a hybrid of investment and an insurance product, which is designed to be flexible, serves as a high interest-earning investment, as well as a financial protection plan that ensures that your financial dreams become a reality.
  • Income Support –It is specifically designed for individuals who want to have multiple streams of income or those who require regular(monthly, quarterly, etc) income for sustenance such as people on retirement or those temporarily unemployed.