The research team provides extensive reports on the financial and capital markets as well as the economy. Our periodic reports also highlight major policy issues and their effects on industry and investment. We also provide clients with fundamental insights and analysis which cover the equity, fixed income, currency, economics and commodities markets, and this enables investors to make informed investment decisions and in a timely manner.

Our research analysts strive to uncover developments in the corporate and industry environment ahead of time. The team determines the underlying facts with verification and makes reliable and meaningful assessment to anticipate futuristic trend for an informed decision by our licensed institution advisory team. Many investors, local and abroad, and corporate bodies can rely on our research results for an investment decision.

Our team prepare special in-depth reports covering broad thematic industry conditions and timely reports focused on developing sector conditions, including specific stock highlights and recommendations.

Our areas of focus :

  • Economic Policy
  • Financial Markets
  • Investment Management
  • Corporate Governance & Financial Reporting
  • Manufacturing and Mining
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Telecom
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil and Gas and any other discipline which is of interest

The Team undertakes comprehensive research and an analysis on Global macro-economic conditions, Sector and Industry studies within the Ghanaian Economy, Analysis of both GSE-listed and unlisted securities and Specialized Investment Research.